Member Bios


Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica

It all started with The Ventures and his mom’s attic guitar find.  Then came the Beatles, Stones, Kinks etc. and so it goes.  Graduating to his first electric a Framus Strato 5/155 and joining the Velvetones at a delicate age (not to be disclosed), instilled a life long passion to play guitar and entertain. Aside from any and all British Invasion bands Buck regularly listens to Wolf Alice, Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell, Big Star and a host of other musical acts that have influenced him musically thru the decades.


Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Sue's first foray in singing classic rock started with a lead singing role in the band NDY (Not Dead Yet) in 1997. This corporate based cover band led to gigs from LA to Miami with 6 members playing everything from the 50s - 90s cover pop/rock and blues hits. 

Next stop, Take5 (5 members - get it?) had a beefed-up set list with harder edge classic rock repartee (38 Special, Heart, Guns & Roses, Pat Benatar to name a few) and soon saw a loyal following begin to grow as they became a popular local hit in the far North Dallas music scene. Take5 opened for Jefferson Starship and Survivor in the Allen music festival, one of the many adventures for this group!

Now back with one of the founding members of NDY, Sue is looking forward to the world of tribute entertainment with Risky Business, focused on the magical music of the 80’s! 

Major early influences include female singers like Ann Wilson, Grace Slick, Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, and Linda Ronstadt. Later years include Joan Osborne, Sheryl Crowe and Sarah Mclachlan, Patty Griffin and Brandi Carlisle.


Keyboards & Vocals

Ray started playing keys at the age of six.  As an early adopter of MIDI and digital sequencing software he experimented with the interfaces of music and technology from its earliest days and continues learning more and more as the technology keeps improving. 

Reproducing accurate synthesizer sounds from the 80s is a huge passion for Ray.  Mixing together sounds that might take 4 or more keyboardists in the 80s and finding ways to perform them with only one keyboard and one musician!  Mixing the technology of today to make the sounds of the 1980s for some pure music magic.

A true "child of the 80s". some of Ray's favorite artists include Journey, The Cars, Duran Duran, Tears For Fears, Peter Gabriel, Level 42, and Johnny Hates Jazz.


Bass & Vocals

Don majored in music in college.  Don toured through the U.S., Canada and even South Korea during the late 80's in various cover bands, and has been playing in local clubs since then. 

Favorite bands include Yes, The Beatles, Level 42, The Police, and Pink Floyd


Drums & Vocals

Kyle’s first band was in 1983.  He played stage shows around Louisiana for Peggy and Wayne Foreman who were Nashville songwriters for Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Moe Bandy and George Jones.  For the past 25 years he’s played in bands that have opened for Trace Adkins, Tracey Lawrence, Joe Nichols and Jack Ingram.  

Favorite music, rock, Motown and blues

Favorite bands/artists: The Eagles, Don Henley, Toto, Ian Moore


Sound Engineer

Stu, our soundman extraordinaire, has 25 years of mixing sound, hauling gear, running wires, taming snakes, setting up equipment and happily dealing with the ‘turn up the band” fans.  With an engineering background and a great love for music and the gear that comes with it, Stu travels with the band to all the gigs to ensure a quality sound experience for all of the Risky Business following.